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50 Chapter 50 Being Lectured, The two of them chatted for a while before they got up and looked for more pueraria. It was not until the sun was about to set that the two of them supported each other and headed back to the village., However, no matter how fast they rushed, the sky was already dark when they returned to the village., When they were about to reach the village entrance, they suddenly saw someone walking over with a torch., Before they could see who it was, they heard a series of dog barks. They saw Er Zhuang running over happily. He came to the front of the two and circled three times before stopping., “What a young couple you two are,” Mrs. Bai teased with a smile. “It seems that Chengrui has come to pick you up.”, “Auntie, you only know how to tease me.” Zhou Ying pouted., At that time, Gu Chengrui also walked over. He was stunned when he saw Mrs. Bai and said, “Auntie, so you guys were together. Just now, Tieniu was looking for you everywhere.”, “Really? Then I’ll have to hurry back.” After Mrs. Bai said that, she picked up her basket and jogged back., Seeing this, Zhou Ying was relieved. At least she was not injured on the mountain. Then, she handed Gu Chengrui the pueraria tied with a rope and said, “Rui, it’s time to go home.”, “Yes.” Gu Chengrui took the pueraria, called on Er Zhuang, and they headed back home together., When they reached home, Zhou Ying prepared warm water and washed up, while Gu Chengrui went to the kitchen to plate their food., After the meal, Zhou Ying stretched her back and was about to lie down when Gu Chengrui pulled her up and said, “Don’t come back so late in the future. It’ll be dangerous if you encounter a bad guy.”, Zhou Ying, who thought she had dodged a bullet, immediately sat up and replied earnestly, “I’ll be more careful in the future.”, “The mountains here are much more dangerous than the mountains in modern times. Don’t be complacent.” said Gu Chengrui helplessly as he tapped her nose., However, his eyes were filled with gentleness and worriedness., “I definitely won’t.” After Zhou Ying finished speaking, she leaned her head on his shoulder and said, “By the way, I heard from Auntie Jiaxi that the wealthy families here like to drink pueraria powder. We seem to have quite a lot of it in our interspace. Let’s sell a batch of them later.”, “Speaking of value, the silver ear plant sells the best. The last time I went to doctor Luo’s place to sell medicine, I saw him sell two for one tael of silver.”, “That expensive?”, “Yes, the growing environment of the silver ear is relatively harsh. The main point is that there is no artificial cultivation here, so that’s why it’s expensive. Unfortunately, our city does not produce silver ears.”, “It seems that the interspace is a treasure mountain.”, “Indeed, but no matter what we sell, there must be a limit. After all, the production of wild herbs is limited.”, “I know.”, “Why are you so sleepy?” Gu Chengrui looked at her face and turned to ask., “I’m fine, but my waist feels uncomfortable. My stomach feels cold too.” Zhou Ying paused and said, “Oh no, maybe I’m about to get my period?”, “I’m 80% confident. Take a hot shower in the interspace, and I’ll make you a bowl of grass herb drink.” Gu Chengrui said as he turned around and walked toward the west room., Seeing this, Zhou Ying turned around and took off her coat. She got the bed ready, entered her interspace, and took a hot bath in her bathtub. When her hair was almost dry, she put on her pajamas and went out of the space., When she came out, Gu Chengrui had already boiled the medicine and was sitting in front of the bedside table, reading a book., When he saw her come out, he pointed at the medicine and said, “Drink it quickly. After you drink it, go to bed and rest. I’ll do all the work inside the interspace.”, Zhou Ying nodded. She picked up the medicine, tried it, and found it almost chilled. She downed it and asked, “When will you enter the space?”

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