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Gift, “Song Ling, today is our third anniversary, and this is the gift I prepared for you.” Gu Dai held the gift that took her several months to make by hand and walked up to the tall and handsome man. She carefully looked up at him, then looked away nervously, her ears turning a faint shade of red., Inside the understated yet luxurious gift box was a tie. The dark-colored tie had interwoven lines on it., Song Ling glanced at it briefly before looking away, then in a harsh tone, he said, “This tie you gave me is so ugly. I don’t like it at all.”, As Song Ling finished his sentence, the redness on Gu Dai’s face disappeared in an instant, her complexion turning pale. She instinctively rubbed her fingers, touching the spot where she was pricked by the needle while making the tie. The pain swept through her body, bringing a bit of clarity. She bit her lower lip, as she tried her best to hold back her tears., Noticing that the tie Song Ling was currently wearing was the same type as the one she gave, like a drowning person desperate to grasp onto anything, Gu Dai said, “But you’ve always worn this type of tie. I thought you liked them.”, Song Ling remained composed and replied in his magnetic, pleasant voice, uttering the words that sent Gu Dai into despair. “Yes, I used to like them. But the moment you gave me this tie, I stopped liking them. Everything that becomes associated with you disgust me. From now on, I won’t use this type of tie anymore.”, As he said this, he forcefully ripped off the tie and threw it on the floor without mercy., Gu Dai’s tears burs out, her body trembling, and she couldn’t hold the gift box any longer. It fell to the ground with a loud bang., Seeing Gu Dai’s tears, Song Ling frowned in disgust. “Crying, always crying. How annoying. Are you going to complain to grandpa again? If it weren’t for making him happy, why would I have married you? Maybe the incident three years ago when you saved grandpa was just another trick of yours, all in order for you to marry me. How could you be so scheming?”, “No, I’m not…” Gu Dai’s weak rebuttal only sounded annoying to Song Ling., Song Ling’s expression was cold and mocking. “Under the guise of a gift, don’t think I don’t know what you really want.”, The next second, Gu Dai was forcibly pulled into Song Ling’s arms., The temperature around them began to rise, but Gu Dai only felt cold. The man didn’t bother with any foreplay and began his forceful actions, causing tearing pain to sweep through her body. No matter how much she begged, he remained unmoved. She had no choice but to endure the pain, her face pale and her forehead covered in cold sweat., At that moment, a special ringtone sounded. Gu Dai felt the man on top of her pause and withdraw without mercy to answer the phone. “Hello, Yueyue, why are you calling me suddenly? Is there something wrong?”, The man’s gentle voice was a stark contrast to the coldness he displayed to her., Gu Dai covered her face and cried, feeling a heart-wrenching pain. She knew that the person Song Ling was talking to was called Jiang Yue, an indelible presence between them., Jiang Yue was the person buried in Song Ling’s heart. Over the past three years, no matter when or where or what he was doing, he would always stop immediately when he received a call from Jiang Yue – even when he was with her… there was no exception., Every time he talked to Jiang Yue on the phone, Song Ling did not avoid her. Perhaps he also wanted her to see it. At the end of the call, Song Ling would always make a promise to Jiang Yue, just like this time. “Don’t worry, Yueyue. I’ll make Gu Dai agree to the divorce as soon as possible. Then I’ll come and marry you!”, Even with her eyes covered, Gu Dai knew that Song Ling must have been smiling when he said this. After he hung up, his voice turned cold and impatient when he spoke to Gu Dai. “I’ve prepared the divorce agreement. Sign it as soon as possible. Don’t make me lose my last bit of patience with you.”, Gu Dai was fragile, like a broken doll, but she still insisted, “I won’t divorce.”, Song Ling sneered and said, forceful in his tone, “You have no say in this! Jiang Yue is back, and I’m going to pick her up. I hope you have signed the papers by the time I return, or else don’t blame me for using force!”, Song Ling quickly got dressed, not even glancing at Gu Dai, and left., At that moment, Gu Dai snapped back to reality. She forced herself to get out of bed, ignoring the discomfort in her body, and ran after Song Ling, pleading, “Don’t leave, Song Ling. I can be well-behaved and obedient. No, no, tell me what kind of woman you like. I’ll learn, and I can become what you like. Can we not divorce, please? I beg you…”, “You’re crazy!” Seeing Gu Dai like this, Song Ling looked at her with contempt, not wanting to be entangled with her anymore., However, Song Ling had another idea. He approached Gu Dai with a gentle smile on his face, but then grabbed her chin forcefully and said viciously, “If I wanted you to die and disappear forever from my sight, would you be willing to do that? I bet you wouldn’t.”, Without waiting for Gu Dai’s answer, he turned around to leave. The next second, he felt his arm being grabbed, and Gu Dai’s soft, quiet voice reached his ears. “If that’s what you want, I’m willing.”

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